Atomera joins SEMI, SOI Consortium, and ESD Alliance

Published: October 9, 2023

Atomera joins SEMI, SOI Consortium, and ESD Alliance

Jeff Lewis

Atomera has expanded its presence in the semiconductor ecosystem by joining the SEMI industry organization as well as two of its key Communities, the SOI Consortium and the ESD Alliance. SEMI is the global industry association representing the electronics manufacturing and design supply chains. It has over 3,000 member companies representing more than 1.3 million professionals worldwide.

Our motivation for joining SEMI are twofold. Our primary reason is because SEMI provides a plethora of events in which we can network with other industry participants and expand our contacts among potential customers, partners, and suppliers. Network expansion is always critical to a company such as ours. Our second and somewhat related motivation is that SEMI provides collaboration opportunities across different market segments, enabling participants to learn from other members of the eco-system as well as to help drive future directions. It is obvious that electronics end-markets – especially AI – are changing rapidly. SEMI provides a way for us to efficiently stay on top of the latest developments in the different application areas.

The motivation for joining the SOI Consortium and ESD Alliance are similar, but they have a focused intent. Atomera has long been developing SOI-based applications for our MST® film, the most prominent being applying MST in RF-SOI processes for 5G communications. The SOI Consortium provides forums and communications where participants openly discuss the latest developments in SOI, user experiences, and technology roadmaps.

Finally, we joined the ESD Alliance because it is the premier association for discussing the latest semiconductor design trends, and it is the preferred alliance for the semiconductor design IP community. While Atomera provides process IP rather than design IP, we have similar interests in IP business models, IP security, and the latest updates in IP law. The ESD Alliance has also issued a blog about us joining – you can read it here.

We are excited to join these groups and look forward to participating in their upcoming events.