MST is Fit for FinFETs

Atomera FinFET Applications
  • FinFETs and other 3-D devices are the most advanced production transistors
  • Atomera is improving FinFET and other 3-D devices
  • Published work has demonstrated performance improvement and variability reduction for these devices


Punch-through stop doping profile control via interstitial trapping by oxygen-insertion silicon channel

IEEE EDTM Conference 2017 – June, 2017

This paper with co-authors from Prof. Suman Datta’s group at Penn State University (now at University of Notre Dame) describes the experimental engineering and modeling of boron and phosphorus doping profiles with MST®. Applications in advanced planar and FinFET devices are discussed, in particular a novel FinFET punch-through stop design.

Comparison of SOI versus Bulk FinFET Technologies for 6T-SRAM Voltage Scaling at the 7-/8-nm Node

IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, Vol. 64, Issue 1 January, 2017

This paper, with co-authors from UC Berkeley compares the implementation of MST® technology on bulk and SOI FinFETs. It shows that a bulk MST® FinFET provides almost all the benefits of the more challenging SOI implementation for the 7/8nm Node.