Atomera is a materials development and integration company focused on creating and licensing technologies to improve semiconductor products.

Higher Performance, Lower Power & Reduced Variability

Atomera’s Mears Silicon Technology™ (MST®) is designed to help semiconductor manufacturers squeeze additional benefits out of their current manufacturing technology. When successfully integrated, MST can deliver up to a full node of power and performance improvement within the same geometry.
MST does this through patented techniques that improve key transistor characteristics, enabling higher performance, lower power and reduced variability. By providing a new toolbox for designers, MST can be used for new CMOS designs which may not otherwise be possible in existing process technologies.
MST can also be part of a larger platform of reengineered materials beyond CMOS, including:

  • Faster and more efficient nano-structured semiconductor materials for electronic applications
  • Enhanced nano-structured materials for application in photonics
  • Improved magnetic materials for advanced memory
Over the last ten years, Atomera has done significant laboratory testing and engaged with a range of semiconductor industry and academic technology leaders to evaluate MST performance on test chips in industrial fabrication environments. This testing demonstrates that MST offers performance benefits that build on earlier material enhancement technologies like strained silicon, HiKMG, and others. And MST can be implemented without significant additional cost or modification to the current semiconductor fabrication process.