Analog & Power

Smaller Die Sizes mean Lower Cost for Analog and Power

Atomera has demonstrated breakthrough analog performance improvement thanks to the combination of dopant profile engineering and mobility improvement made possible by MST. We call this technology MST SP

Compared to baseline symmetric 5V NMOS analog transistors, MST SP has been demonstrated to offer 3x lower specific on resistance (Rsp). Compared to asymmetric 5V analog transistors of similar design, MST SP offers 30% lower Rsp at the same breakdown voltage, BVDSS. The MST SP breakthrough also applies to 5V PMOS and has applications beyond 5V analog to many other silicon devices, including planar CMOS devices

Analog & Power

By enabling further gate length scaling, MST SP brings even greater benefits to scaled analog nodes

Projections with design rule scaling for 130nm BCD processes show up to 40% lower Rsp compared to a 180nm BCD process without MST

Analog & Power

15 ~ 20% smaller die size possible with MST SP for PMIC