Welcome to Atomera

Atomera has created a patented, quantum engineered material called Mears Silicon Technology™ (MST®) which enhances transistors to deliver significantly better performance in today’s electronics.

This means your mobile phone will have longer battery life, IoT devices can be made smaller, and web servers will become even more powerful.

What We Do

Atomera Quantum Engineered Materials

Quantum Engineered Materials

Making electronics faster and more efficient

Exper Engineering with MST

Expert Integration Engineering Support

Atomera’s engineers enable customers to achieve peak performance with MST

Licensing to semiconductor companies

Licensing to the World’s Largest Semiconductor Companies

An impressive portfolio of patents and know-how

How It Works

Quantum Engineered Superlattice

MST impregnates silicon with partial monolayers of oxygen to stimulate faster and more controlled electron movement

Diffusion Blocking and Control

MST controls diffusion of dopants better than any other technique

Markets of Interest

Mobile and 5G

Mobile Phones and 5G



Internet of Things

Internet of Things

What Are You Designing Today?

Analog & Power

1.8 and 5V device enhancements with MST


Higher performance at lower voltage operation


Better doping control enhances yield & operating range

High-K Metal Gate

Boosts performance for 28nm & beyond

Image Sensors

Dopant blocking improves performance & photosensitivity

Logic & Processors

Switching speeds accelerated by more than 20%

RF Products

RF Switch performance efficiency gains


MST cuts costs by increasing yield

Simulate your devices using MSTcad™ today