Integration Engineering

Atomera Engineers Help Turbocharge Transistors with MST

Atomera helps customers become successful by tailoring MST material innovations to their needs, assisting with integration into their manufacturing process flow, analyzing results of their experiments, and optimizing the resulting performance improvements. Atomera integration engineers provide customer options and advice at each phase of the engagement process, including deciding whether to use MST1 or MST2.


  • Blanket technology applied to whole wafer
  • Easy to integrate
    • Deposited at beginning of manfacturing process
  • Degraded by extensive temperature-time in STI/Well module
  • Faster time to market for low heat processes
  • Used for FinFET, RFSOI, newer process nodes


  • Selective technology applied to select parts of the wafer
    • Integrated after STI/Well so avoids highest temperature and time steps
  • A rare enhancement for high temperature processes
  • Used for 5V, Analog, older process nodes
Atomera Integrated Engineering