Epitaxial Deposition

MST is a High Quality Single Crystal Film

Uses Reduced Pressure Epitaxial Deposition

  • MST is deposited using industry standard Reduced Pressure Epitaxial deposition tools. Using temperature and pressure regimes compatible with state-of-the-art semiconductor devices, Atomera has successfully deposited MST using tools made by each of the leading Epitaxial deposition equipment suppliers
  • Atomera engineers have developed significant know-how in growing MST films with unique properties
  • These patented proprietary epitaxial processes allow for precise atomistic epitaxial growth and deposition
  • Using in-house developed techniques and spectroscopic ellipsometry (SE) metrology, MST film quality can be monitored in volume production
MST Epitaxial Deposition
Microscopic image of MST material
Microscopic image of MST material

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