Simulating MST Benefits with Atomera’s MSTcad

MSTcad™ is a Mathematical Model for Synopsys Sentaurus Device Platform

  • MSTcad™ models the intricate physical properties and the evolution of MST during the manufacturing of semiconductor devices.
  • Validation of physical characteristics and electrical performance simulated with MSTcad™ has been confirmed by Atomera on silicon, for accurate integration of MST into semiconductor devices.
  • MSTcad™ is available for Sentaurus™ Process and Device simulation packages, for physical and electrical characterization.
Atomera TCAD Technology

Example: Boron Dopant Profiles in MSTcad™

  • 10x interface Boron reduction at GOX interface

Example: Modeling NMOS 5V Vtlin in MSTcad™

  • Vt vs. Well Dose sensitivity shows good match between measured data and MSTcad™
Capturing Boron doping profiles with TCAD
Modeling NMOS 5V Vtlin TCAD