Notes from the Road

Published: June 14, 2024

Notes from the Road

By: Scott Bibaud, President and Chief Executive Officer, Board Director, Atomera

Business travel is different from leisure travel in that the itineraries are packed with breakfast meetings, dinner meetings and all-day working sessions in between.  The schedules sound grueling, and often they are, but I find them invigorating since they provide a renewed focus on the fundamental approach to growing Atomera.  We have been working with the most respected and successful companies in the semiconductor industry for a while and have cultivated deep relationships and the mutual respect necessary to advance new technology in the industry.

I have just returned from a long European customer tour and I’m very excited by the opportunities for our technology at large customers and partners alike.  In addition to furthering new business initiatives on this trip, we visited existing relationships to help drive MST toward adoption.   In particular, I and others from Atomera spent a full day with STMicroelectronics which is our most important program and I am very pleased with the strong relationship we have built and the mutual commitment to bringing MST-enabled products to production. We also met a number of existing customers and new prospects exploring upcoming work on MST.  I have already moved our team into action to pursue these opportunities.

As always, our first priority is closing deals, and we continue to drive each and every engagement toward that end.  This industry is notorious slow moving in adoption of new technology, but we are dedicated to pursuing the large economic opportunity that is applicable across the semiconductor landscape and we believe it is a matter of time before MST becomes widely adopted.