Atomera Continues to Improve Our MST-SP 5V PMIC Power Switch

Published: November 16, 2023

Atomera Continues to Improve Our MST-SP 5V PMIC Power Switch

Hideki Takeuchi, VP Engineering

In 2022, we launched our MST-SP® (smart profile) product, an asymmetric 5V power device for PMIC and other applications (details are available in the Atomera white paper, “MST® for PMIC and RF-SOI Switches”). After the initial announcement and a follow-up publication in the IEEE International Symposium on Power Semiconductor Devices (ISPSD), we have continued our efforts and further improved the device performance to extend MST-SP’s lead over all other 5V power switches.

In our latest white paper, “MST-SP PMIC 5V Power Device: Pushing the Industry’s Leading Performance Higher”, we review the design concept of our MST-SP device and elaborate how MST doping profile control helps the device scaling. Our further optimizations have made the already best-in-class device even better, especially the PMOS device. We are demonstrating up to 30% lower N-device RSP, up to 40% lower P-device RSP, with LG 20%-40% shorter than competitive offerings. These improvements mean that MST-SP provides even higher cost savings and power reductions versus conventional technologies.

We are excited to share the results of this very successful continuous improvement program.