White Paper: “MSTcad for PMIC and RF-SOI Switches”

Published: April 6, 2022

Announcing Atomera’s Latest White Paper: “MSTcad for PMIC and RF-SOI Switches”

Jeff Lewis, SVP Business Devt. and Marketing

We have gotten many positive reviews on Atomera’s recent joint webinar with Synopsys entitled “Semiconductor Device Improvement using Atomera’s MST Technologies and MSTcad Toolset” (available for viewing on-demand HERE ).  The favorable response led us to create a white paper that covers these topics in a way that is broadly accessible to the entire range of semiconductor engineers – from designers to process developers – who work at fabless IC companies, foundries, and IDMs.

Therefore, I am pleased to announce the availability of our latest white paper, “MST® for PMIC and RF-SOI Switches,” available for download at the link HERE.  Authored by Atomera’s founder and CTO, Robert Mears and VP Engineering, Hideki Takeuchi, this document provides an overview of MST and its benefits, and describes how to model MST using MSTcad, as well as, demonstrates the significant benefits of using MST to improve PMICs or other power devices and RF-SOI switches.

It is important to note that while the application portion of this document is most relevant to semiconductor technologists who specialize in power or RF-SOI product lines, we believe that nearly all IC engineers will find this information useful and relevant.

Come along and dive into our innovative technology as you read this paper – we would love to hear what you think afterwards!