It’s Time to Elevate Atomera’s Voice

Published: September 16, 2021

It’s Time to Elevate Atomera’s Voice

By Jeff Lewis, Senior Vice President, Business Development and Marketing

As the newest member of the Atomera team, I pondered what should be the topic of my first blog.  Then it hit me:  Since a blog is an informal chat, I’ll describe how Atomera will be doing a lot more “chatting” as we go forward.

I am excited with Atomera’s technologies and prospects, and it’s now time to more spread the word – especially in a way that is clear to a broad audience why what we’re doing is important, and the impact it will have.

To this end, we’ve hired communications consultancy, The Hoffman Agency to amplify Atomera’s strategic communications efforts. This will allow us to focus our efforts and proactively educate the industry on Atomera’s technology benefits – especially how MST will extend Moore’s Law by enhancing the latest semiconductor nodes, while simultaneously squeezing more performance and cost out of older nodes.

I have worked with the agency for over a decade and understand why they are considered one of the very best in the business for technology companies like Atomera.  They are unmatched at getting exposure and creating clear and compelling materials for our industry.

So stay tuned as we elevate Atomera’s voice!