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Device Integration Director,
Advanced CMOS

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Device Integration Director will report to V.P. of Engineering


Atomera has developed a quantum-engineered material and its epitaxial growth process called Mears Silicon Technology™ (MST®), which enables transistor performance enhancement for a wide range of technologies nodes − from analog products to leading-edge logic. The MST Device Integration Director will focus on MST integration into HKMG (high-k metal gate) CMOS technologies, covering a wide range of technical areas such as physical characterization to study interactions between MST film and HKMG stack, electrical characterization of HKMG transistor performance, reliability characterizations, and designing optimum process integration for MST into the HKMG process flow, for both planar and non-planar CMOS products. Process and device optimization includes doping process adjustments. Accordingly, the MST Device Integration Director is required to communicate with customers, internal engineers, and business partners, in addition to performing careful analysis of physical and electrical data.


  • In charge of physical and electrical characterizations and process integration of MST into HKMG CMOS technology
  • Electrical characterization of HKMG transistors
  • Reliability characterization of HKMG transistors
  • Review process-flow details and make necessary process adjustments for MST implementation
  • Perform statistical analysis of device test data and process metrology data
  • Arrange off-line physical characterizations for failure analysis
  • Analyze data in depth, discuss fundamental physical mechanisms, and drive projects, communicating with internal and external partners


  • Strong understanding of material science, reliability physics, device physics, and experience in HKMG transistor characterization is required.
  • Education: PhD degree in EE or equivalent
  • >10 years of experience in major semiconductor fabs or foundries is preferred
  • Transistor performance and reliability characterization
  • Semiconductor and device physics
  • Familiar with HKMG materials and processing techniques
  • Transistor process flow in front-end module
  • Reliability characterization and physics
  • Technical report writing skill
  • Publication in IEEE journals and conferences or equivalent is preferred
  • Business communication skills

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