Customers, like IDM and Foundry wafer fabricators, typically work with Atomera to integrate the MST® process into their manufacturing operation. Atomera engineers support TCAD process simulations, technology integration and electrical data analysis work. The MST® film is deposited through commercially available epi deposition tools with service and support from the major OEM suppliers.

Measured as a cost adder per wafer, MST ® provides a stronger value proposition than the current enhancement and scaling options including stress memorization, eSiGe, Dual Stress Liner, SOI, and HKMG. MST ® technology offers a more compelling and cost effective alternative to device manufacturers that are looking to extend the life of their current fabrication infrastructure

Manufacturers who license MST and make a moderate investment in augmenting their existing equipment can address their variability and yield issues plus power and performance problems at a fraction of the cost of other approaches. Whether they are producing traditional planar silicon transistors or advanced FinFET transistor structures, manufacturers can leverage the lower cost MST film to reduce power consumption, produce smaller chips at an existing geometry and reduce variability with increased chip yields.